Our Callers Index – II

Instructions for 466 dances.
With music that is in our library, and most with linked video,
the list was last updated on July 26, 2021.

Albion’s Queen
Alderman’s Hat, The
Alex and Charles
All Saints Day
All The Way Home
Angel’s Breath
Angels Unawares
Anna Maria
Another Nancy’s Fancy
Antonio’s Maggot
Apley House
Ashford Anniversary
Ashokan Mixer
Auretti’s Dutch Skipper
Autumn Gifts
Autumn In Amherst
Autumn Moon
Bar A Bar
Barbarini’s Tambourine
Barham Down
Barn Elms
Bath Carnival
Bashful Swain, The
Beach Spring
Beauteous Grove
Beggar Boy
Bel Canto
Belgia Retriev’d
Belle of the Ball
Bemused Benthologist
Big Heart, A
Bishop, The
The Black Boy
Black and Grey
Black Bess
The Black Nag
Blenheim House
Bloomsberry Market
Blythe Company
Bob’s Boomerang
Bobbing Joe
Bobbing Joe (single chorus)
Bonny Cuckoo
Bonny Grey Ey’d Morn
Braes of Dornoch
Bransle in the Barn
Braye’s Magott
Bury Fair
Butterfly Meadow, Revisited
Cadgers’ Capers
Candles in the Dark
Cat in the Window
Charlene’s Celebration
Cheshire Rounds
Chocolate Equation, The
Chocolate Is the Answer
Chocolate Round O
Christchurch Bells
Cobbler’s Hornpipe, The
Cockle Shells
Cold and Raw
Collier’s Daughter, The
Come Haste to the Wedding
Come With Voices Singing
Comical Fellow
Corelli’s Maggot
The Costumer’s Delight
The Cotery
Country Farmer
Cross My Heart
Crystal Spring
Cuckoo, The
Cupid’s Garden
Dance For Mars, A
Dancing Across the Atlantic
Dancing Betty, The
Dancing Wife, The
De Novo
De’il Take the Warr
Dick’s Maggot
Disbanded Officer, The
Dissembling Love
Doctor Faustufs’s Jigg
Dolphins in the Sound
Draper’s Maggot
Drapers Gardens
Dressed Ship, The
Drive The Cold Winter Away
Duke of Kents Waltz, The
Dull Sir John
Dutch Diamond
Early Frost, An
Early One Morning
East Indian
Eastbourne Rover, The
Easter Morn
Easter Thursday
Ebb and Flow
The Eclipse
Edenborough Castle
Elephants Stairs
Elverton Grove
Emma’s Commencement
Emma’s Waltz
Emperor of the Moon, The
Enfield Common
Enfield Wash
Epping Forest
Excuse Me
Fair and Softly
Fandango, The
Farmer’s Joy, The
Fast Packet, The
Felix’s Name Day
Female Saylor, The
Fine Companion, The
Fine Lady of Homewood, The
First of April, The
Fit’s Come On Me Now, The
Flora and Phaon
Flying Sorceress, The
Fop’s Fancy
Fourpence Hapenny Farthing
Freeford Gardens
Fuerst Maggot
Garland For Judy, A
Gathering Peascods
Gene’s Tambourine
General Grooviness of the Universe
Gentleman’s Delight
Geud Man of Ballangigh
Gigue For Genny
Girls Best Friend, A
Gold for the Mahieus
Good Man of Cambridge
Gower Wassail
Graies Inne Maske
Green Muse, The
Gypsy Round
Hair’s Maggot
Half Hannykin (clap)
Halfe Hannikin
Halsway Manners
Hambleton’s Round-O
Hand in Hand
Handel With Care
Happy Captive
Hazelfern Place
Health to All Honest Men, A
Heart’s Ease
Heather Towers
Heptathlon Jig
Heys in Time
Holborn March
Hole In The Wall, The
Homecoming, The
Honeysuckle Cottage

Hoop’t Pettycoat
Hop Ground
Hop Picker’s Feast
How Great Is the Pleasure
Hudson Barn
Humours of the Age
Hunsdon House
Huntington’s Maggot
I Care not for These Ladies – Circle Mixer
If All The World Were Paper
In the Bleak Midwinter
In the Fields in Frost and Snow
Indian Princess – Circle Mixer
Indian Queen, The
Indian Summer
Installation, The
Invitation, The
Irish Howle, The
Irish Lamentation
Irish Wash Woman
Italian Disappointment, The
Jack’s Health
Jack’s Maggot
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Jefferson and Liberty
Jenny Pluck Pears
John Tallis’s Canon
Jolly Company
Jovial Beggars
Juice of Barley,
Katharine Street
Kelsterne Gardens

Kensington Court
Key to the Cellar
Kill Him with Kindness
Kind and Easey
King’s Maggot, or New York
Knives and Forkes
Kneeland Romp
Knole Park
La Gavre
Lady Williams’ Delight
Lambs On Green Hill
Land Of Mist And Wonder
Lasses of Portsmouth
Le Carrousel Du Mont-Royal (C-mix)
Leah’s Waltz
Leamington Dance
Leap of Faith
Leather Lake House
Leather Lake House – 3C
Leaves of Autumn
les Manches Vertes
Leslie’s Valentine
Lilli Burlero
Longest Night, The
Lord How’s Jigg
Love Always
Love And A Bottle
Lovely Nancy
Lover’s Luck, The
MacDonald’s March
Mad Robin
Madeira Dream
Maggott for Mr. Purcell, A
Maid Peeped Out at the Window
Maiden Lane
Manage the Miser
Marple Bridge Rose, The
Masquerade Royal
Mendocino Cure
Mendocino Redwood
Merry Andrew
Merry Conclusion, The
Michael And All Angels
Midnight Ramble
Midwinter Maggot
Mile of Smiles
Minor Spaniard, The
Miss de Jersey’s Memorial
Miss Nancy’s Delight
Miss Sayer’s Allemande
Money in Both Pockets
Moon Shadows
Mount Hills
Moveable Feast, A
Movement Afoot
Mover And A Shaker, A
Mr Beveridge’s Maggot
Mr. Ganiford’s Maggot
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot
Mrs. Beveridge’s Triumph
Mrs Hill’s Dance
Mrs. Savage’s Whim
Mulberry Garden
Mutual Love
My Lord Byron’s Maggot
Nan’s Waltz
Neat, Mr. John
Never Love Thee More
New Beginning, A
New Decade Waltz
New Rigadoon
Newcastle Circle Mixer
News From Tripoly
Night Cap, The
No Excuse
No-Body’s Jig
Northdown Waltz
Now Is the Month of Maying
Old Hob
Old Maid in Hopes
Old Mill, The
Old Noll’s Jig
Old Wife Behind the Fire
On the Midway
Once a Night
Orange Nan
Oranges and Lemons
Ore Boggy
OXO reel
Parson’s Farewell
Peace be with You
Peter and Peggy
Physical Snob, The
Pine Cones
Pleasures of the Town
Pluck Me a Fig
Polka Dot
Pretty Nun
Prince of Westborough
Puck’s Deceit
Queen’s Jig
Queen’s Square
Rafe’s Waltz
Ragg, The
Rain on the Roof
Rainbow, The
Rakes of Rochester
Ramsgate Assembly
Rare Vintage
Rebecka Ridinghoode
Red and All Red
Red House
Rites of Spring
Roger’s Whimsey
Rosamond’s Pond
The Rose of Tankerton
The Round
Row Well Ye Mariners
Rufty Tufty
Sadler’s Wells (Sicilian Circle)
Sadler’s Wells
Sally by the Pond
Sally In Our Alley
Sam’s Maggot
Sapphire Sea
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Scotch Cap
Scotch Morris, The
Sea Shadows
Sellenger’s Round
Set for Spring
She Favourite, The
Shepherd’s Dance
Short and Sweet
Siege of Limerick, The
Silk Slip, The
Sion House
Slaughter House
Sleeping in the Attic
Sleepless Swain
Slof Galliard, The
Smithy Hill
Snow Day

South Wind
Southern Gentleman, A
Spaniard, The
Spanish Jigg
Spirit Island
Sprigs of Laurel
Spring in Sebastopol
Spring Storm
St. Catherine
St. John’s Meeting House
St. Margaret’s Hill
St. Martin’s Lane
Stars In The Heavens
Stepping Stones
Stockport Assembly
Summer’s End
Sun Assembly
Sunlight Through Draperies
Sweet Cream
Sweet Mischief
Take A Dance
Take the F Train
Tango in Toronto
Ties of Love
To Dance Divine
Tom Jones
The Touchstone
Treasure of the Big Woods
Trim the Sails
Trip to Orpington, A
Trip To Paris, A
Trip to Provence
Trip to St. John’s Court, A
Trip to Toronto
Trip to Town O
Trip to Woodstock
True Kit
Turning by Threes
Twickenham Ferry
Tythe Pig
Unknown Buccaneer, The
Up On A Lofty Mountain
Up With Aily
Upper Valley Waltz
Upon A Summer’s Day
V (Vee)
Vintage ’38
Wa’ Is Me, What Mun I Do!
Waltzing Gypsy, The
Waters of Holland (Second Version)
We Meet Again
Welcome Dream, A
Well Done Jack
Well Hall
Westminster Hall
Westward Bound
Whately Barn
When Laura Smiles
Whirligig’s Last Bow
Wibsey Roundabout
Widows Shall All Have Husbands
Wildboars Maggot
Winifreds Knot
Winter Dreams
Winter Oranges
Winter Solstice
The Wives’ Victory
Wood Duck, The
Wood Lark
Wooden Shoes
Woodland Chase
Woodstock Park
Wooing Mairi
Yellow Stockings
Young Damon’s Flight
Young Phillis of Wakefield
Young Roger
Zephyrs and Flora
Zither Lady, The
Zither Man