My Dances

To print or download a PDF copy of the dance description, click the pdf links.

A Welcome Dream    (2016)   pdf
Music: O’Carolan’s “Welcome”    32 bars 5x      3/4
Formation: Longways duple minor

April Nights      (2019)       pdf
Tune: April Waltz  (AABB)        3/4
Formation: Longways duple minor

Antonio’s Maggot    (2018)     pdf
Music: Dancing Vivaldi (Double Violin Con. Op.3, No. 8 arranged by Van Kaynor)
Recording by The Moving Violations on Elasticity  – ABCD   32 bars   5x
Formation: Longways duple minor

Butterfly Meadow      (2017)   pdf
Music: The Butterfly  –    24 bars       9/8
Recording: Roguery on  “Impropriety V1”   (AABBCC) 10x  115 ppm
Formation: Longways duple minor  – 1s improper

Every’s Maggot        (2020)    pdf
Music: Doctor Who Pirate Jig by Martha Stokely (2006)         6/8
Recording:Doctor Who Pirate Jig, Childgrove, Wanderlust
Formation: Longways duple minor

Farewell to Innocence      (2017)   pdf
Tune: Farewell Marian, blue book  AABA    32 bars  6x     3/4
Recording: Bare Necessities
Longways 6 Couples

Floating on a Cloud       (2018)    pdf
Music: Umbra by Dave Bartley      32 bars     3/4
Recording: Umbra, Roguery, Seattle Ball 2017
Formation: Longways Duple Minor

Fuzzy Thinking        (2016)         pdf
Music: Aislin’s Jig by Ruth Anne Fraley (2004)   AABBCC  6x      9/8
Recording: Roguery,  “Impropriety Vol. 1”
Formation: 3 Couple
Note: Sheepskin hey

The Green Muse    (2018)     pdf
Music: Pernod Waltz by Johnny Cunningham (1984)         3/4
Recording: Bare Necessities, Arranged        Music
Formation: Duple Minor longways

High Expectations       (2017)   pdf
Music: Trail’s End by Dave Bartley (2003)    32 bars        3/4
Recording on Seattle Ball 2016 CD
Formation: Longways duple minor

Limbic Resonance or (Resonance)    (2017)     pdf
Music: The Dancing Betty (lively) from Impropriety Vol. ll
AABB (32 bars)  x5
Recording: Roguery on CD “Impropriety Vol. ll”
Formation: 4 Couple Longways Becket
Note: The set will continually change between longways (fig. 1) and across (fig. 2)

Moon Shadows    (2017)       pdf
Music: Call it a Night,  Julie King (1994)   (~115 BPM)    3/4
Recording: Contra-intelligence by KGB
Longways triple minor, double progression

One April Day      (2018)      pdf
Music: April Waltz (AABB)        3/4
Recording: Perpetual E-Motion
Formation: Longways Duple Minor

Partners         (2018)   pdf
Music: Partners   (32 bars  x6)       3/4
Recording: Roguery on CD “Impropriety Vol. IV”  (32 bars x7)
Formation: Longways 3 couple or triple minor

Silk Slip        (2017)    pdf
Music: Your Slip is Showing by Chris Sackett    9/8   (AABCC)
Recording:  Roguery, “Impropriety Vol. V”   40 bars 3x
Formation: Longways for Three Couples

Silver Surf  –  Rev.  (2017)       pdf
Music: Silver September by Mik Lammers  7×32      3/4
Recording: Masquerade on  “An Enchanted Place”
Formation: Longways triple minor

Starlight Rapture   (2018)    pdf
Music: Felicity by Dave Brown 2002     3/4
Felicity sheet music:
Recording: Felicity, Bare Necessities,  An Invitation to Waltz
Formation: Longways for Three Couples

Thursday Afternoon    (2020)     pdf
Music: A Distant Flute by Marjorie Milliner 32 bar 3/4
Recording: A Distant Flute by Marjorie Milliner
Formation: Longways Duple Minor

The following  dances are studies in triple tandem Dolphin heys. A triple tandem Dolphin hey has three couples moving as tandem pairs, with lead changes at the ends as in a normal Dolphin hey. Presented as thoughts on the concept.

Braided River      (2017)   pdf
Music: Elocine by Bo Leyden        3/4
Recorded by Roguery on CD “Impropriety V1”  32 bars  5x  133 bpm
Formation: Longways 5 Couple Set, 2s and 4s Improper

Pepper Sauce      (2018)       pdf
Music: Bobe’s Pepper by Chuck Corman   32 bars  AABB      2/2
Recording: Bobe’s Pepper, Arranged     x9
Bobe’s Pepper by Chuck Corman from The Moving Violations CD Elasticity.
Formation: Longways triple minor

The Squirrel Tree      (2018)   pdf
Music: Squirrels by Paul Hutchinson (2012)   32 bars   AABB  x3
Recording: Roguery
Formation: Longways for Three Couples

The Wandering Mage    (2019)      pdf
Music: The Last Mage by Mik Lammers    24 bars  ABB      3/4
Recording: The Wandering Mage
Formation: Longways for Three Couples