Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS)
It’s time for us to do what we do best: take care of each other.
With the emergence and spread of COVID-19 on our continent, we all need to make adjustments in our actions and expectations. Listed below are current recommendations for participants and organizers, along with links to helpful information. The most important thing is for everyone to take care of each other, prepare for events being cancelled or postponed, and actively monitor WHO, CDC, Canadian Public Health, and State Health Department recommendations.

For those that would like to continue to try some ECD while keeping “safe”, here are some dances skillfully created and generously shared for such a time as this: Some are for one, some are for more dancers, for those with partners at home.

Regional ECD Groups:
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all local dances are canceled until further notice.
Seattle English Dance

Vancouver BC English Country Dance

Port Townsend English Country Dance

Victoria English Country Dance Society

Portland English Country

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