Links for ECD Information, Videos and Instructions:

Video demonstrations of basic movements in English Country Dancing can be found at FainMusicUK.

The Lambertville site has some dance instructions, and an unparalleled list of videos.

Videos of English Country Dancing well done at Paul Ross’s YouTube channel.

Beautiful English Country Dancing at CHESTNUT!!

Bob Olson’s English Country Dance Videos on YouTube.

The publication that started it all in 1651, Playford’s English Country Dance Master.

The Round (the Country Dance group for Cambridge University) provides online transcripts of all of Cecil Sharp’s The Country Dance Books that are out of copyright.

The Pat Shaw legacy group has posted many of his dances on the web.

The CDSS online library has made the dances of Charles Bolton available subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Colin Hume has posted many of his own dances (and some other people’s as well)

The Playford Ball and The Playford Assembly  and CDs may be purchased from the CDSS online store. (The Playford Ball and/or The Playford Assembly books may be borrowed from Bob by the BSAC ECD Thursday teaching group.)

Palmer’s Pocket Playford

More ECD instructions at Ottawa English Dance.