Dance Instructions

Above you may view and browse the 1709 publication of The Dancing Master.

pre-Playford Lovelace Manuscript (1647)
Dafydd’s Collection of The Lovelace/Church pre-Playford English Country Dances.
Playford’s Dancing Master: The Compleat Dance GuideExhaustive compilation & index
John Walsh 1740: The Compleat Country Dancing Master. 4th Edition.
Thomas Wilson 1815: “The complete system of English country dancing”
Hugh Stewart’s index of country dances and where they are published.
Ottawa ECDC Dance Instruction Index.
CDSS online library.
The Charles Bolton Collection.
The Ken Sheffield Collection.
The Country Dance Book by Cecil Sharp.
Pat Shaw Collections.
Colin Hume’s Dance Information, Dance Instructions.
Dances by David Smukler
Michael Barraclough.
Sharon Green’s Dances.
Four Books of Dances by Ian Whitehead
Some dances by Tom Siess: pdf
English Country Dance In Canada 2017, “Sea To Sea”
Antony Heywood’s Country Dance Database contains more than 16500 entries (English, Contras and Squares). You can search the database for dances in a particular formation or dances from a particular source or by a particular author or dances containing selected figures.
Database of dance instructions for tunes in The Barnes Book, Volume Three
Nick Enge’s Vintage Dance Manuals.
The Colonial Music Institute’s Resources.
Dances by Bob Olson